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Substance Abuse & Mental Health Data Archive (SAMHDA)

My Role: Product Strategy & UX Lead

Full overhaul of the marketing pages for SAMHDA. The site had a very outdated look and feel. There was also an overwhelming about of textual content that was not clear. The content also had many overlaps to the main Data website. So our purpose was to modernize the site and create clear pathways to the data resources.



One of the most challenging areas of the site involved the pathway to the data files. The files were 5 to 6 pages deep, buried in pages that repeated the same content over and over. The parent page talked about the survey collection. The sub page repeated the parent page information, but collapsed in an accordion after the first paragraph and then showed the studying information… and so on and so on.

My strategy was to:

The site went from hundreds of pages down to 12, 1 for each collection.


In order to understand the core challenges of the website, my team met with the CBHSQ organization through a series of listening sessions to gather their wishes for the website. We also had extensive user testing especially around the data files and bibliography pathways. And we involved statisticians as part of the core working team so that they could be available to offer their expertise.

Some artifacts created to help communicate the process both the clients for approval and the development team for building included:

The site is a Drupal 9 instance, running on the USWDS theme.


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