dara_pressleyDara is helping people find a voice through art and technology.

She is doing this buy writing, speaking, consulting, and of course… designing

Design Notebook

About Me

UX Life:

I am a user experience architect currently working as a lead designer at CustomInk. My current projects are writing about Persona Storytelling and creating a Sass based framework for developing WordPress themes. I have had many years working as a consultant and as an employee at AOL, Microsoft and Accenture. I believe that the purpose for the web is to deliver content and that that content needs to be readily available in which ever way the user chooses to consume it. Having a solid information architecture and designing in code for responsive design are just a few of the ways I work to achieve these goal. I feels it is my mission to help people find a voice through technology and art.

Creative Life:

In my spare time, I love photography. When I can get away, I go out on photoshoots with my SLR. But with my busy schedule I have focused on iPhone photography (since my phone is always with me) with an emphasis on macro photos. I’m a serious scrapbooker and have recently began making my own custom books and journals to better match the aesthetics I’m after.

Home Life

I also enjoy gaming with my two tweens and lots of tennis.

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